Trashing that Dress



Have you ever heard of ‘Trash the Dress’ photo shoots? I’m not sure who came up with the idea to begin with but I adore the concept. There are several reasons I find it intriguing, one of which is that brides get to actually wear their dresses again! Also the photos can make you do a double-take, at first seeing a nice photo obviously of a bride and then ‘Huh? She’s knee deep in water!?’. I like the moment of shock that so many people get when they see it.

We managed to talk our beautiful cousin Chloe in to trashing her dress for us, it’s not a wedding dress, but a deb dress can still do the trick as you will see…

This was just such a brilliant shoot, we had so much fun and were laughing the whole time. We can’t wait for the next dress trasher!!